About Us

China is Australia biggest trading partner and has a huge complementary of each other needs.   Coal and Energy, Education and Training, Tourism and Travelling, Foods and Wine are among the top of the trading components between the two countries. In fact, there are never any doubt on the needs and quality of Australian goods, but the source and place to buy the real and best of Australian goods and services. 

One Club Australia is set up precisely for this purpose to source and link the two countries in term of their trading needs. 

On one hand, we are helping Australian companies in sourcing the best valued Chinese goods and at same time getting Chinese customers the best valued wines, foods and health products.

We are working at both B2B and B2C levels and you can enjoy the services and products that we trade by signing up as our members. 

One Club Australia is part of Intexact Group (www.intexactgroup.com) and we are based and have offices in Australia, Hong Kong and China, and have operations in all these places (www.mingleplace.comwww.vineyardhillresort.comwww.tamarcove.comwww.tasnature.com).  As founder of One Club Australia, I have been living in Hong Kong, China and Australia for the past 50 years and am totally aware of the cultural differences and mutual needs of each others. 

OCA is committed to serve the communities and our customers in providing the best valued products and services in our well known places. 

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